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Salad Chopper Set with Mezzaluna Knife and Chopping Tray

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The Salad Chopper Set by messlessĀ® will save you the time you need to prepare your salad dish and to clean up afterward. It is designed to let you chop the ingredients without using a cutting board. The salad chopper set includes a deep cutting tray and mezzaluna chopping knife. The knife sports a no-slip handle with a rounded blade made from high-grade stainless steel for quick and efficient chopping of greens, veggies, fruits, cheese and cooked meat. The tray has a handle to hold during chopping, as well as pour spout to easily transfer the ready salad from the tray to a serving bowl while avoiding spilling. Simply assemble the salad ingredients in the tray, chop, dress and serve. At the capacity of 6 quarts, the tray is large enough to make at least 6 servings at once. Both the tray and the knife are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. This set will make the experience of chopping a salad joyful and hassle-free.


  • The Mezzaluna knife features high-grade stainless steel with sturdy handle that will cut through anything, including meets
  • Large, 6-quarts chopping tray will accommodate at least 6 servings, enough for the entire family. It measures 18 inch in length, 11.75 inch in width and 4 inch in height.
  • Eliminates pre-cutting the ingredients by allowing to chop directly inside of the tray. Your salad will be ready in less than a minute.
  • Both tray and knife are dishwasher safe. They both are made of harmless BPA-free materials.


I love love love love this chopping set. It could not be more perfect. It's big enough to add all of your ingredients withought having stuff overflowing and falling out.

Janie from Rochester, MI

...This salad chopper set is AMAZING!!! It replaces dozens of my other utensils. I haven't even used my old cutting board in, I don't know how long!!! Everything I did with it, I can now do with this chopping set, and so much more...

Natalie Friedman from Chicago, IL

As a person who eats salads 2 times per day every day I don't know how I've survived this long without this product! Makes chopped salads effortless. I typically use 1 full romaine heart, 5-6 pieces celery, 1 cucumber, 2-3 green onions and within 30 seconds I have a beautiful chopped salad! Love this product!

JHouse - user

Chopped salads are an addiction in our house...and this simple device makes it soooo much easier to make is a cinch to chop salad on the flat surface compared to the round bowl...and I tried all different sizes...this is just ergonomically better designed tool for the job...and can also be used for mixing large amounts of dough or potato salad for example....really enjoying this product and hope it will last for a long time...the salad chopper is also well designed since it's shape matches the shape of the tray so I am glad it was included with the purchase..

Katarina - user

The picture made me expect a flimsy tub to do the chopping in. Turns out it is a very thick cutting board with deep walls. Very sturdy. I won't need to replace this every year or two. We bought this instead of a $120 wood bowl set to see if we liked chopped salads. No need for the bowl as this one works very well.

Jewelscapes - user

This product is perfect for chopping lettuce, meats, cheeses, veggies, really ANYTHING! I originally bought it with the intention of incorporating more chopped salads into my diet, however have found many more uses for it. I have used it to quickly chop chicken for chicken salads, eggs for egg salad, and potatoes for potato salad. The basin and mezzaluna are easy to clean. Would highly recommend!

Andrea - user