Salad Chopper Set
Mezzaluna Knife & Chopping Tray

(4.7) - 127 Reviews

Salad in 60 Seconds — Save your time making healty meals for you and your family. Chop effortlessly any fruts, vegatables, cheeses and even meats: 🍇🍈🍉🍊🍌🍎🥦🥬🥒🌶️🍆🥑🍅

  • Extra-sharp knife
  • Huuuge chopping tray
  • Made of high grade, safe, sturdy materials
  • Dishwasher safe
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The kitchen tool
you've been missing!

Woman in a kitchen

So, what does it do, and what is it for?

The knife

Mezzaluna Knife

Extra sharp blade will cut anything: meats, fish, veggies, fruits, cheese...

The Tray

Empty Tray

This is what makes it mess-less! At the capacity of 6 quarts, measuring 18×12×4 inches it's large enough to make enough salad for the entire family.

How do you use it?

Full Tray with Veggies

Throw all of your ingredients into the tray, chop for 60 seconds and... Voilà! Even kids can do it ;)

And, did we mention the benefits of healthy eating?

Weight Loss Progress Overweight vs. Fit

But, what do others say?

Rochester, MI

I love love love love this chopping set. It could not be more perfect. It's big enough to add all of your ingredients withought having stuff overflowing and falling out.

Natalie Friedman
Chicago, IL

...This salad chopper set is AMAZING!!! It replaces dozens of my other utensils. I haven't even used my old cutting board in, I don't know how long!!! Everything I did with it, I can now do with this chopping set, and so much more...

JHouse user

As a person who eats salads 2 times per day every day I don't know how I've survived this long without this product! Makes chopped salads effortless. I typically use 1 full romaine heart, 5-6 pieces celery, 1 cucumber, 2-3 green onions and within 30 seconds I have a beautiful chopped salad! Love this product!

Jewelscapes user

The picture made me expect a flimsy tub to do the chopping in. Turns out it is a very thick cutting board with deep walls. Very sturdy. I won't need to replace this every year or two. We bought this instead of a $120 wood bowl set to see if we liked chopped salads. No need for the bowl as this one works very well.

Salad Chopper Set
Mezzaluna Knife & Chopping Tray

(4.7) - 127 Reviews
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